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Motivation Monday: Liz Plosser

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Something that I love to do is listen to podcasts. Most of the time, it’s when I am doing some work or just need to clear my mind. The other day, I was inspired after listening to the Almost 30 podcast and they interviewed Liz Plosser, the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine. Almost 30For me, motivation comes in so many forms but powerful women in business are people that I look up to.

Girl Power

Liz started her career in investment banking and after a year of working in the industry, she knew that she wanted out. Liz explains to the hosts of the Almost 30 podcast, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, how she felt motivated herself to change paths.

“It’s funny, I was in such a dark place in that time I turned to health and wellness to get me through it. I signed up for my first marathon and I would go on these training runs with these strangers in Central Park. And over these long runs, like miles and miles, I was just sort of working through ‘What am I doing with myself?’ ‘Could I really leave this job that pays so well?’ The night before one of our longest runs, I had a dream that I was an editor at a health and fitness magazine,” said Liz.

Liz Plosser

Fostering Empowerment In Your Team

One of the biggest takeaways that I was able to grab from this interview was that Liz prioritizes her editorial staff. She truly makes them feel appreciated and gives them freedom to be creative in their element. By delegating tasks and “restraining [myself] from tinkering unless it really needs that,” Liz has learned that this is the type of community that she wants to surround herself with.

“You really can’t touch every single thing to the degree that you want to.” – Liz Plosser

Being on a team with men and even working side by side with my husband, has proven to have its difficult times. Even being a woman in charge, I always thought I needed to be “tough” or “have a game face.” All that did was stress me out even more. And honestly, by being that way I felt like I had to do everything myself if I wanted it done the “right way.” I have learned over time that I have to let people be creative in their respective areas.

This can transition into so many aspects of life, but especially in business I think that learning and understanding how to really delegate and let go of every single detail like Liz speaks about, that hit me right in the feels. “You really can’t touch every single thing to the degree that you want to,” Liz said to the Almost 30 gals. THIS! Yes, I am glad that she said it out loud! It’s confirmation that even the editor-in-chief of one of the most successful magazines in the world isn’t so hard on herself.

My Motivation This Week

My goal from finding these amazing people and their ideals is to try and put those words into action. This week I am motivated by Liz to be empowered by my team here at The Media House. Fostering empowerment will open so many doors with future clients and keep us motivated to better ourselves.

At The Media House, we look up to people in all types of entrepreneurial fields. Motivation Mondays are blog posts about people, businesses, ideas, quotes or anything that we find inspiring to keep us doing what we do each and every day. We are always striving to better ourselves and our brand!

Friday Flicks: The Grinch Review

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Every year it seems that Christmas sneaks its way into our calendars a little sooner than usual. Pretty soon, it will be smacking us in the face right after the Fourth of July. I am normally a Christmas-after-Thanksgiving-Day kind of person, but this year we saw the newest installment to The Grinch story the weekend after it opened. My kids were excited about going to see this movie and I really figured that it was going to be the same old story.


The Grinch Review


The Grinch stars Benedict Cumberbatch as our green grump and was directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier. Universal Pictures and Illumination picked up the rights this round and it definitely has a “Minions” feeling throughout the movie, especially with Pharrell as the narrator.  The lights are extravagant, the houses decorated to the max, you can almost smell the Who-pudding and roast beast and the Christmas presents fill their way to the ceilings.

Oh, Tug The Heartstrings

The cyclical Grinch spell comes around again. We know how the story goes. The Grinch is angry at how happy and spirited the Whos are with Christmas. The Whos of Whoville declare that Christmas this year will be three times bigger. The Grinch wants his peace and quiet. This entices The Grinch to dress up as Santa and steal their Christmas. Meanwhile, Cindy-Lou Who also has a plan for Santa; she plans to catch him and meet him. Cindy-Lou wants to give Santa her wish list in-person which includes helping out her hardworking single mom. In this version, Cindy-Lou has a sweet little crew of friends who are at her side and ready to help her do what she needs to catch Santa, even if it means staying up all night. The friendship throughout the movie is definitely not like the other versions, cartoon and live-action. The Grinch

Some people have complained that Cumberbatch’s role as The Grinch wasn’t “Grinchy” enough. I have to disagree. I think that he plays a cantankerous neighbor, just right and he is playing to get his way. He definitely puts his sweet pup, Max, to work but you can see the love flow to him.

Where Does The Grinch Rank?

Illumination sticks to the basic plot throughout the story but gives a great, heartfelt twist at the end that I can’t give away. They do a great job at giving the mixed family feeling which is so common these days, and I can appreciate that. My recommendation is definitely to see this version of The Grinch. I think it will become a yearly classic in my household, over the Jim Carrey version.


3 and a half stars


Friday Flicks are reviews of different types of entertainment that we appreciate!

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Publicizing Events DIY

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If you are new to business or if you have events that you are having trouble publicizing, you either need a large budget or you are finding out that you are going to have to do this yourself. Today’s Thursday Tips and Tricks in The Spotlight features publicizing your events DIY style.

Since junior high, I was always involved in media. Wherever I could get into creating content and sending it to the crowd of 12 and 13-year-olds who probably could care less about the daily weather, sign me up! This continued through high school with our closed-circuit daily broadcast to college as I took a different approach to journalism: writing. I started writing for the school paper and found that I really enjoyed interviewing people and writing about so many different topics, not just necessarily news. Forward to today, I get to bring together two things I love the most: writing and production. Bringing these forces together makes me feel a little like J-Lo creating her own TV show about dancing. With writing and business, I have found how to create my own press releases and publicize on my own. This has saved me so much money and time with some creativity and hard work.

Publicizing and marketing can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before. Especially if you are on a limited budget or if your business is just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to begin. I am here with a few tricks to show you that publicizing your event and sending out information is easy to do on your own!

Publicizing Events DIY

Here’s What Helps Me

  1. I keep a template handy for my press releases so I know exactly what I need to fill in. This helps for time, also!
  2. Make sure to include your logo at the header, an announcing title and your contact information at the very end of the page.
  3. Keep it professional! Send out your press release with as much information as you can and invite the media to come out. They need content, too!

Who Do I Send It To?

This is probably the best part … Send it to everyone! You don’t have to rely on only Facebook to get the word out. In the beginning this can take a little bit of time but this is part of publicizing!

Look up all of the local TV news stations in your area. All of their websites have a contact page where you can either submit information (if this is the case, I have their site saved in my bookmarks under a folder) or they have an email address. This email address is where you can send your press release to. Once you have TV and news taken care of, I do the same thing for radio and print. Check for local event calendars that you can post your event for free online.

Send your press release about a week ahead of time and then again as a reminder two days prior to your event. A good press release sticks to one page and is not like an article, it has very clear information posted.

Thats It?

Yes, that’s it! The work in the beginning may be tedious but trust me, it pays off to be consistent and dedicated. Your words will spread fast so get excited for a new medium of social outreach!


If your business needs more help with writing press releases, send an inquiry to

We can help bring yours together for a competitive price.


Thursday Tips and Tricks are filled with ideas, tips and other skills that we have honed over the years.

We hope to pass along some of what we have learned as we go!

Water-cooler Wednesday: Disney Plus Service

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The Media House is proud to present our daily blog, The Spotlight.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and the like are common household names of our generation. Add to that list at the end of 2019, Disney Plus. The new streaming service announced by the entertainment giant in 2017 will be the hub of their movies and series. If we all weren’t already in line to see Avengers 4, get on this line for Disney Plus and be ready for the original content to come your way with series including one about Falcon and the Winter Soldier and another about Thor’s brother, Loki. Other original content plans include a live-action remake of “The Lady and the Tramp” and a live-action Star Wars TV series.

Keeping Us Obsessed?

While it seems that everyone has their own service and everyone is competing to have their own original content, it seems to me that Disney has made another great move to keep their Disney superfans sticking around. I have two boys and we are superhero OBSESSED over here. My youngest loves Spider-Man and Ironman equally and my oldest has been obsessed with Black Panther. We definitely watch more Marvel than DC and now even I know more than they do about the history of these characters and their stories. This new service with new series, especially superhero, makes me excited for what Disney has in store for their consumers.

Embrace Change

One may think that creating a service like this could be either giving in or making something else for us to put our credit card information into. I see this from the perspective of change. Embrace the change that life throws your way. Give opportunities where you may have not seen them previously. Give yourself a chance to actually do that thing that you have always said that you should do or have wanted to do. If you see a hurdle ahead, prepare and tackle it. Things come in seasons, you will make it through with the right mindset and the right planning.

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” – Walt Disney

Water-cooler Wednesday features entertainment and film related news. The Media House enjoys all types of media and we hope you appreciate these posts!