Our Style

The Media House style would be hard to fit into any box to say the least. Even if placed into a box, The Media House would find a way to break out. We are a determined production studio, home-grown from a collection of local indie-film makers in Bakersfield, Ca. Because we are comprised of all-walks of life, coming together has been the strength that each one of us needed. Making art all the while upholding the same purpose:

We strive to create better art in our respective fields, while breathing life into your project.

As a result, we have learned that working with small businesses to large studio corporations, gives The Media House the edge. Allowing us to not only focus on social media advertising, but also on feature film productions. How do we do this? With our style! For instance, when blending our personalities and perseverance to out-perform our previous work, that also benefits each client as well.

Want More?

We keep our collection of work limited on the website, however you can watch plenty more. Including social media campaigns, viral videos and more on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Make sure to leave a comment, subscribe and stay informed on the latest work from TMH.

We can help with any size project