Video is the best way to grab someone’s attention and get a message across – that is because it can be visually appealing, immersive, and easy to connect with emotionally.

Our full-service video production services are here to help brands communicate their values, identities, and offerings.

It’s about understanding the viewers, strategically structuring content, and also using very creative techniques throughout the video production process to engage. We do this in a style that visually and intellectually appeals to your target audience.


With our post-production services, TMH can work its magic in the cutting room and transform your film into a sleek and stunning final product. The Media House can handle the post-production and delivery of your next project.

Our personalized approach to each post-production project means we’ll help you find the best way to finish your film.

From the color grading to visual effects, sound design to encoding, our talented team is here to capture your audience and let you fully express your vision. We will get your project to the finish line, one frame at a time!


VFX can easily help add excitement and guide your audience through a film, corporate video or commercial. At The Media House, we have the style and experience to use visual effects tastefully and to your best advantage.

Providing smooth and stunning visual effects to complete your vision.

From opening titles to an exploding city landscape and everything else in-between, we can provide compelling visuals that align with your goal. VFX is all about the details – the tiny things that go by unnoticed. As a result, some of our best VFX work will not even be seen to most people, but that means that we are doing our job well.


Businesses are always looking for ways to channel followers, drive sales or improve brand recognition. Enter Social Media Marketing. But, a successful campaign must go beyond simply posting to the platforms.

Our experienced team has the skills to assist on not only how to market, but to also grow your brand in the social sphere.

After video production, you need video marketing. You may have the right content, but is it in front of the right crowd? Boost your click-through rates and unique visitors with our strategic approach that identifies the best channels and keywords to deliver your content to your target audience.

We’re available for any project!


Many Creative Services

From initial concept and planning, to the filming and post production, we have you covered and beyond! We offer a wide range of creative services including Voice-over and ADR, live streaming, green screen production, press releases, electronic press kits, branding, graphic design, duplication and deliverables.

How it Works

Our main goal at The Media House is to help you achieve yours – that means that we will work alongside you, the entire way. You will know our intentions and we will keep you informed where the project’s heading, and leave the guess work out of it.

After an initial consultation, either via email, video conference or in person, we’ll put together a creative proposal tailored to you and your project. In the proposal we will outline our suggestions for a production team to get to work. Followed by a schedule and an overview of what you can expect from the final video.

Depending on your timeline and what you prefer,  we can work completely independently, or we can partner with your team to create some stunning work. Don’t worry, each one of our crew members will be handpicked for your project – This means that you’re only using a team of skilled individuals who have the experience needed for the project. We work with a group of highly motivated and talented people with some of the best ideas to create exactly what you’re looking for.

We do some of our best work when we are being challenged. That means that deadlines or obstacles are nothing new for us, we are professional hurdlers at this point. As a result, we are determined to get the most out of each project, because we really love what we do, and we hope it shows.


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We can help you in any project