Our Approach

Our approach is a simple one. We enjoy what we do. Because of this, it allows us the ability to understand each individual project while pushing our creativity to match. We see each client as a way to raise the bar, not our bank accounts. Although, we do have to keep the lights on somehow. Being involved in the community and watching the latest trends, formats and technology has helped us grow.

We offer Live Streaming in many different formats at the Media House Studio.

We provide video editing services and also training workshops for inspiring editors/filmmakers.

We have multiple green screen options for you, including backgrounds, portable pop-up green screens and more.

Need to record audio or voiceover work? We can help you out there too!

If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.


Our Story

The beginning

In the beginning there was man…okay, too far? Rickey Bird jr. and Jason Sanders have known each other since birth. Both growing up loving and dreaming about comics, cartoons, and movies. While working on a feature film in 2009, the two were interviewed by a journalist named Seggan. Somehow, even after seeing how hectic the film shoot was, Seggan still stuck around. Seggan Sanders was the other missing piece to the puzzle. Working together over the next 9 years on national commercials and feature films, the group slowly brought their talents together to form…[Dramatic Music] The Media House!

The Future

We are inspired daily at The Media House to make the most of each day. Using what we have today, with the goal to grow. We use the tools around us, not because of their name or how much it might cost. But alternatively because of the production value. You can make your vision come to life or be artistic in many ways with the natural things surrounding yourself. You just have to look for it. The Media House looks to the future and where we are going. Working with other creative individuals on many more great projects. Hopefully one of them will be with you!

Finding our style

To find our style, or our groove if Stella asks, it took more time for risks and failure and that would grow into experience. Each of us needed to listen and learn and needed somewhere to start learning from. We have found more value in going out of our comfort zone, taking some jobs that others may pass on. You might say that out of necessity will and determination are born.

Past Clients

We can help you in any project